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Municipality in a smartphone


Learn what troubles your citizens and give them space to communicate with their municipality. The Simplicity app, provides all they need - from bulletin boards and a neighborhood exchange to the opportunity to submit suggestions.

All-in-one solution

Simplicity can completely replace the local broadcast, newspapers or text message system. Show your citizens that you care about their satisfaction and give them a platform to build their own community.

Communication with citizens

Residents have the opportunity to express themselves and send you suggestions.

Quick implementation

We will deploy the application for you within a few weeks and it will not require any work from you.

Affordable for small municipalities

Fees are based on number of citizens, so that municipalities of all sizes can benefit from the app's services.

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Simplify your communication with citizens

Join more than 100+ cities in USA, Israel and Slovakia that are already using Simplicity.

Try it now!

We will be happy to show you how Simplicity can help your community.